Year Lists

  • The Year lists are arranged alphabetically in order of surnames at that time (ie. maiden names),
  • Where known, married names appear after the first name.
  • In some years the first name of students are not known, names were typed directly from past school magazines which only listed initials.
  • If you can help us with first names or married names please do.  You can do this by adding a comment at the end of the relevant year list and I shall endeavour to update the lists for you….
  • Students highlighted in red or with an asterisk (*) attended the 2007 Reunion
  • Have fun…

One thought on “Year Lists

  1. I attended Numurkah High year 7 in 1976. Looking back at the names from my year level, wow! what a blast from the past. My married name is Fastuca not Leidle as listed and I also noticed that my best friend from that year Susan Carey is not listed. I moved away from Numurkah in 1979 and only returned earlier this year with my mother and sister to have the “remember when” drive around. How things have changed but also stayed the same. I hope everyone has had an interesting 34 odd years.

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