Which Year Am I In?

All students are ‘tagged’ with the first year of high school.

  • For example if you started school in Form 1 in 1965, then that is the year in which you should appear (all things being accurate!).
  • If you started in 1967 in Form 3, you will still be ‘tagged’ as 1965.

At this point in time, classes from 2001 onwards have not been loaded onto this blog, that is a task which sits in the too hard basket for the moment! One day, I may be inspired to get cracking on that task!

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  1. Hi folks and I am looking forward to the “1961” reunion on the 26th and 27th of March.

    It would be great to know all of the “1961” students life stories and in my particular case the main points as I remember them :

    1961 to 1965 – secondary schooling at N.H.S which to be truthful I did not enjoy very much due to my lack of sporting and/or schooling success however on the other hand I did enjoy my outdoor fishing and hunting adventures (on weekends and holidays) and really loved going out to Ken Austins parents dairy farm at Waaia.

    Also worked as a newspaper delivery boy for “Retallicks Newsagency”Numurkah during theses years and Bernie Retallick instilling in me to become more reliable and so I have continued on with this ethic ever since.

    Commenced work with the National Bank of Australasia on the 21st of February 1966 (one week after decimal currency was introduced) and served twelve months as a Junior then onto Pyramid Hill as a Ledgerkeeper (purchased first mode of transport here being a 250cc Yamaha motor bike) for four months followed by yet another move down to Ballarat in late 1967 as a Ledger Supervisor.(enjoyed my motor bikes and was made the Club Captain of the Ballarat Rovers Motor Cycle Club)

    Next onto Wangaratta in 1969 as an Agency officer and then made it to First Teller at that Branch and over that time upgraded the Yamaha motor cycle to a Honda CB 350 twin plus purchased my first ever motor vehicle this being a 1964 EH holden.

    In early 1973 was appointed to the dreaded Melbourne (for a country boy) and worked at Clayton branch until 14/1/74 when the Bank in it’s wisdom sent me down to Hobart Office (without asking) because they knew I liked trout fishing and they had figured that this would appeal to me.

    Guess the Bank got it right because not only did I enjoy the trout fishing but I also met my wife to be Lesley (who also worked in the Bank at Hobart Office) and we married on the 3rd August 1974.

    Onto the Devonport Branch of the Bank as Accountant on 21/2/78 for some three years (and during this time our two sons Peter and Adam arrived also on a sporting front was made Treasurer of the Devonport Clay Target Club)

    Back to Melbourne to work at Head Office at 271 Collins Street,Melbourne on 9/9/82 as an Assistant Personnel Manager and a major reason for requesting a move back to Melbourne was to enable us to get into residential real estate.

    We purchased a lovely home in Greensborough (lived there 9 years)and whilst enjoying various family camping trips and some quail and duck hunting trips with mates was also the Treasurer for the Metropolitan Clay Target Club at Epping.

    Following the Head Office job then onto the next job as Assistant Manager Greensborough then on 20/9/83 to Manager Ivanhoe and over these few years on the motor sport scene entered the old EH Holden in several Club race day events at Calder race circuit.

    On the 26/6/87 was again transferred back to Tasmania (Burnie Branch,Manager) at my request and then on 16/5/88 back to Hobart Office.

    I had been unhappy for several years with moving about so much with the Bank (children into various schools) and Lesley and I also wanted to be self employed so on the 7th of October 1988 and after some 22 plus years at the age of 39 with good health (and Lesley) we commenced our own hardware store business situated at 41 High Street,New Norfolk.(by the way this is Lesley’s hometown so her parents were happy to see their daughter and two grandsons return home )

    Much has happened since commencing the business in 1988 however with lots of hard work and dedication we have won several awards as the best presented hardware store in the Mitre 10 group and from 3 employees we have now grown to having three business operations in New Norfolk with 17 employees ( including our two sons and a daughter in law) trading as New Norfolk Mitre 10,New Norfolk Timber/New Norfolk Garden Supplies and New Norfolk Gunshop.(see http://www.newnorfolkmitre10.com.au for more details on this)

    Over the past twenty two years years Lesley and I have both served on Mitre 10 Boards or advisory committees plus Ray as a local Councilor for some twelve years and Chamber of Commerce president for many years,Lesley is on the local Corumbene Nursing home board.(we believe in being involved and having constructive input into our community – just like our parents Frank and Pat Williams did in Numurkah during their lives)

    A sporting interest of major significance for Ray since the first motor bike way back in 1967 has been motor sport world and apart from being at Bathurst in 1972 to see Brocky in the Torana XU-1 the old EH Holden has been kept (now over 40 years) and this great vehicle has been heavily modified to compete in Targa Tasmania 1995,1996,1998,1999 and 2000 Targa New Zealand in 2002 (with life long friend from Numurkah Robert Taylor being the navigator for all of these events) followed by some circuit racing in Tasmania until 2004.

    The EH holden has now been retired however succeeded six years ago by a seriously modified Improved Production 500 horse power V8 engineered Torana and I have to say here that whilst this race car may seem extreme for a 62 year old this is just beyond words to drive and listen to (and had the pleasure of competing at the famous Bathurst circuit in this vehicle a couple of years back)

    Really enjoyed being President of the iconic Hobart Sporting Car Club for nearly seven years however have let this job go and now for the moment only have to work at being President of the local Derwent Valley Field and Game Club Inc.

    As you will see from the above life has to date been twenty two years with a major Bank followed by the same amount of time in our own family business and for us the self employ thing has been much more rewarding because the harder we worked the more success plus of course I have not had to answer to a boss ( apart from Lesley) and had the money to do the motor sport thing.

    Sport has therefore revolved around fishing,hunting (why the gunshop and also a shotgun shooting coach to the private school – The Hutchins School,Hobart)and motorsport – oh and on the political scene did have a go at getting elected for the Liberals,C.E.C and as a Senate nominee for the “Shooters and Fishers Party” at the last election

    Anyway all of the above has been mostly enjoyable to date so these matters along with good health plus working with our two sons and seeing our beutiful two granddaughters most days means we consider ourselves very fortunate.

    I trust that the readers of this story interesting,

    Kind regards to all,

    Ray Williams,
    43 High Street,
    New Norfolk.Tasmania.7140.

  2. The 1961 re-union is happening on the Sat 26th March at the Shamrock Hotel for a 2 course dinner. At present have just over 70 attending so if there are any past students that haven,t replied please do so to me ecgravina@mcmedia.com.au
    If you would like to have your story printed could you e-mail to me also before the 5th March. The story being of what has happened in your life since leaving NHS.


    See you all the Shamrock Hotel

  3. So Canobie’s don’t exist on the past student list…..who ever did the school name lists, need to open their eyes more….

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