Are you having a reunion for your year level?  Can we post information about it on this blog?  Please shoot your plans through to Fay at

  • 1982
    Numurkah dwellers who started prep in 1970 through to Year 12 in 1982 are invited to this event – here at Numurkah on the weekend of the 29th to 30th October 2016. The person in charge is Ann-Maree Minogue – you can find Ann-Maree by searching for the closed Facebook group called “Numurkah School 1970 prep – 1982” and send a request to join the group. Enjoy the memories everyone!
  • 1972 (1971 & 1973 also welcome)
    Our group has pencilled in the June 2106 long weekend Sat 11th @ the Shamrock Hotel (6.30pm) and then the Sunday (12 noon) @ Telegraph for a BBQ.  Cost $20 per head. Partners and students from 1971 & 1973 are also welcome. Your friendly organiser is: Paul Simpson.
  • 1990-95
    20 Year Reunion is set for 24/25 October 2015. These are the details…
    Numurkah Secondary College 1990 – 1995 20 Year School Reunion
    Saturday October 24 2015 – 2pm Tour of School, 6pm Dinner at Shamrock Hotel
    Sunday October 25 2015 – 10.30am Family BBQ in the Park
    Whether you started Year 7 in 1990, finished Year 12 in 1995 or joined or left our year level anywhere in between we’d love to see you there! We have started a FaceBook group called “Numurkah Secondary College 1990-1995 20 Year School Reunion“, (please invite anyone we have missed and/or forward to anyone you are still in contact with whom we may not have details for).  For further information or to provide your details please contact Rach Howden (nee Cook) and Kell Salter at
  • 1956 (+)
    Venue: Shamrock Hotel – Numurkah  Date: Saturday 29th March 2014 from 12 noon.  You are invited to come along with your partner and catch up with your old school mates and make this a great day! Contact: Kevin Hansen  NOTE: This event is not STRICTLY for 56er’s, we welcome any students, staff, bus drivers, etc that were associated with the New NHS in Tocumwal Road during the late 50’s…. around 1956 through till 1961.
  • 1954
    • Met on 3rd May 2013 at the Shamrock Hotel @ 6.30pm.  Contact was Aline Green via Fay Scadden at the College on 58621088.   This an annual dinner (1st Friday in May – at the moment), the more the merrier!
  • 1986
    • Are having a reunion on Saturday 7th Jan 2012 at the Telegraph Hotel Beer Garden (Numurkah).  There is a facebook page titled Numurkah Secondary College (1986-1991) Reunion which you are welcome to join. Ex students are asked to email their details to
  • 1950-51
    • Reunion date: 17-18 April 2010 – Contacts Howard Lowe 0358622224 or Laurie Cook  – Saturday: Registration 1pm & tour of School, 6pm Dinner (2 course buffet) at Shamrock Hotel @$26 – pre-pay with booking.  Sunday: 9am Registration & tour school.  12noon BBQ lunch (pay on day).  Bookings required by April 10 2010.
  • 1956
    • Group had a reunion at the Olive Grove in Shepparton March 2008 and they are planning another one….  Click on the 1956 year to find out more….
    • Next reunion will be Sunday 28th March 2010 at the College… more details coming soon on 1956
  • 1968-73
    • have an annual gathering each year in October/November.
    • Contact or 0417501503 or Diane Symons (nee Finlayson) on 0409821040.  Click on the 1968 year to find out more….
    • 2008 was @ GV Hotel Shep for dinner.  photographs here.
    • 2009 in Shepparton again.  Saturday November 7th.
  • 1961
    • The 1961 re-union is happening on the Sat 26th March 2011 at the Shamrock Hotel for a 2 course dinner. At present have just over 70 attending so if there are any past students that haven’t replied please do so to me Elaine Brown (now Gravina at: or call 0358292376
    • If you would like to have your story (what has happened in your life since leaving NHS) printed could you e-mail Elaine also before the 5th March.
  • 1962
    • planning one for March 2012… contact Janet Stevens….
  • 1964
    • Jeanette Adams & Corrinne Finch are organizing a reunion on weekend of 17/18th March 2012.
    • We are seeking others who joined NHS in this year to come along to the Shamrock Hotel on sat 17th for dinner.
    • Those interested in more information can contact either Jeanette Adams (Madill) on 5862 1916 or Corinne on 0427 235 762 or 5623 5762. email:
  • 1940’s
    • always the last Friday in January – contact Betty & Brian Heard for more details 0358621625
  • 1983-88
    • Held a reunion on Saturday 6th December 2008, Shamrock Hotel.  Contact Skye Kirne on  0437 086 063 .  Skye is also on Facebook….
  • 1989-1994
    • This group held a reunion on the 6th & 7th June 2009 (long weekend) with a 3 course dinner (at The Mary McKillop Centre St Joseph Primary School Numurkah)  and the College opened briefly on the Sunday for people to have a look and reminisce the good and the bad…   Contact: Nicole Watson (nee Austin) 0438623701
  • 1984
    • Had a get together on the 31st October 2009 at the Numurkah Golf Club… contact is Jamie Ward  03 54 481 300  during business hours.
    • 1984 NCHS yr7
  • 1973
    • “ Big 50th Birthday Bash” on the long weekend in March 2010!  (Sat 6th Mar)  Dinner/Dance at the Shamrock, and on the Sunday will be a Picnic/Barbecue at Holmes opposite the hospital.  Contact Sue Duncan

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  2. 1972’ers turning 50 in this and the previous financial year(or 2) will be having a birthday bash at the Shamrock sat 17th July at 6.30 p.m. If you have had your b’day and have a “Badge” some lovely person gave you, this is your chance to wear it again, we know you love it! Looking forward to seeing you all again. ( I think we’ll need name tags by this age) Grey matter takes a while to retrieve stored info.

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