Ahoy There…

Thanks for swinging by! This blog was cobbled together after the BIGGEST reunion EVER in 2007!

There are lot’s of memories, anecdotes, names and a few pics to get you in the reminiscing mood. Please feel free to contribute memories and stories of your own jaunts (or haunts) in our corridors!

Enjoy your wee surf through memory lane!

15 thoughts on “Ahoy There…

  1. Well done Numurkah “High” School
    Like the Education Department, you have undergone many name changes over the years, but the great memories of good times and good friends will always remain the same.
    Congratulations on the new blog!

  2. To Lila Fussell, last I heard, Jim Noy was still living in Numurkah. He used to live in Newby St but that was some time ago.
    Good luck in your search.
    Norman Warburton

  3. I am looking for two cousins that attended high school in 1971 and 1973 .debbie and wayne scott. Have been trying to locate them for a long time . Can anyone help .brett

  4. Hi everyone! Wayne Delahoy from 1971 here. I would love to catch up with members of my class & find out if there is a reunion coming up some time. Please send me a message. :-))

  5. Hi have been trying to track down Carol Gray and Jean Cunningham
    I think Carol is still in the Numurkah areat

  6. Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows of a dance school or dance classes held in Numurkah in the 1950s that were taught by Eddie and Fran Cers?

  7. Some name corrections for the 1972 year list.

    Coleman, B – Barry (Teacher)
    Danaher, C – Christine
    Hogan, L – Louise
    Waite, L – I think its Louise

  8. I was at Numurkah High for only one year 1957. I do remember one dance class before one social but as to who took the class I’m afraid I can’t help. Good luck in your quest!

  9. Hi Robyn McBride
    Jean Cunningham is now Jean MacKay and lives on the Gold Coast. If you want to send me your phone number I will get it to her. She doesn’t own a computer

  10. Hi!
    I am searching high and low for my father’s brother Peter Gordon McRae (born roughly 1954), they lost touch as he was adopted very young to the Johnson family who were farmers in Numurkah. My dad is getting older and I know the one thing he always dreamt of doing in his life was reconnecting with his brother. I have made it my mission to exhaust all avenues until he is found. Please I am begging you, rack your brains and if you have any info at all I would be forever grateful. Thanks for your time, cheers Bindi

  11. Thanks Bindi, I will put your plea onto the Facebook page for past students of Numurkah High (and redirect them to your post on this blog to respond to your question). Cheers Fay

  12. Hi, We are the graduating class of 1997 (commenced year 7 in 1991) and are organising a reunion on Oct 21st this year (2017) we are inviting through facebook – the event is called “Stars of 97” and its a dress up theme. Would be great if you could post this for us? if anyone wants more details they can look me up on facebook or email me at katecandlish@hotmail.com

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