Those with an asterisk (*) attended the reunion in March 2007.

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Aitken, Greame – / Allan, Glenis – Dillon/ Bailey, Jim – / Barrett, Ian – / *Bellis, Thomas – / Bennett, Margaret – McQue/ Berry, Barbara – / Blackshaw, Geoffrey – / Blackshaw, Lois – / Booth, Ian – / Bowles, Alan – / Brown , Joy – Ryan (Des)/ Brown, Malcolm – / Butt, John – / *Byham, Robert – / Caldwell, Thelma – / Campbell, John – / *Carter, Isobel – Hodge/ Christie, Douglas – / *Clark, Dale – Mapleson/ Cole, Patricia – Martin/ Crothers, Gwenyth – Haley/ Darcy, Emma – / *Dodd, Derna – Sanderson/ Dove, Norman – /* Edwards, Aline – Green/ Elkington, Nicholas – / Emerson, Edwin – / *Finch, Kaye – Jensen/ *Freeman, Leone – Coghill/ *Gardiner, Anne – Strong/ *German, Arthur – / Gooding, James – / Gordon, Anne – Kaye/ Gordon, John – / Green , Brian – / Green, Walter – / Gunn, Malcolm – / Hall, Janet – Burkitt/ Hammond, Roy – / *Hancock, Evelyne – Geddes/ Hansen, Joan – / Hansford, Maxwell – / Harden, Elizabeth – Dudley/ Hargreaves, Gwen – Byrneside/ Haywood, Thelma – Stevenson/ Heard, Jennifer – Weaver/ Hicks, Patrick – / Houlihan, Monica – Harris/ Huffer, Nola – / Hunter, Ian – / Kaye, John – / Lee, Jeanette – Lowndes/ Locke, Patricia – / Madgwick, Kathleen – Ryan JP/ McGifford, Joan – Anderson/ *McKinley, Glenys – Vogel/ McPherson, Dawn – Davidson/ *Mitchell, Eileen – Rielly/ Morewell, Ronald – / Morris, Elizabeth – Newell/ Morris, Marlene – Hough/ Moss, Kay – Ould/ Mundy, Lorraine – Greenway/ Murray, Margaret – / O’Brien, Kerry – / Ormston, Barbara – / Parker, Pamela – / Perry, Barbara – Burr/ Phillips, Rita – / Powells, Gwenda – / *Prentice, Elizabeth – Adams/ *Pumpa, Anthony (Tony) – / Reilly, Maureen – Kildin-then-Hampel/ Reilly, Sheila – / Reynoldson, Allan – / Rickards, Geoffrey – / Rivers, Eric – / Rodwell, Barbara – Dickson/ Rudd, Beverley – / Ryan, Veronica – O’Dwyer/ Sang, Mavis – Miles/ Saunders, Robert – / Scott, Florence – McBeath/ Scrivens, Norman – / Sellick, Greame – / Seymour, Frank – / Sinclair, Beverley – Scoular/ *Sloley, Heather – Dempster/ Smit, Lucy – Hayward/ Smit, Ria – / Smith, Enid – Radford/ Smith, Gary – / Smith, Phillip – / Smith, Ross – / *Staggard, John – / Stone, Ronald – / Taylor, Heather – / Taylor, Jeanette – Beanland / Thorn, Glenys – Chessells/ Tremellen, Fay – / *Twitt, Helen  – Eddy/ Twitt, Winston – / Tyack, Geoffrey – / Walker, Kevin – / *Weston, Jenifer – Ovenden/ White, Noel – / Wignell, Margaret – Blackney / Wilkinson, Cavell – Zangalis / Wilson, Greame – / Wood, Colin – / Wren, Bevelene – Parnall / *Young, Glenda –

1954 Hunkin House

1954 Swim Team

16 thoughts on “1954

  1. Finch, Kaye – Jensen – I remember ther train trips: 1. To the Olympic Games; 2. To the swimming sports at Nagambie; 3. To Shakesperian plays in Melbourne with Miss Hossack!! Also: The hard times we gave Miss Patten in French. Going back to the “old school” for cookery. I did manage to become a nurse and midwife – worked, married and live locally – 2 children.

  2. Smit, Lucy – Hayward – Thank you for the invitation to the 50 Year Reunion in March 2007. As it happens to be, I fly out to North America a week before the reunion, and will be away for five months, to visit my grandchildren. Please pass on my apologies. However, I would like to ask you to keep me on your list, as I am definitely interested in any future events you may have. “It’s good to see the school we knew…..”

  3. Pumpa, Anthony tony – – Trying to beat two Dutch girls from Cobram in exams!

  4. Walker, Kevin – – Although I was only at Numurkah High for one year I absolutely loved it and have very fond memories of traveling on the bus from Cobram, the camaraderie and fun we shared. After leaving school I initially pursued a career with the Post Master General Department (PMG) then the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission (31 years) today known as Goulburn Murray Water. I am now officially retired though on occasions I am a casual school bus driver which I really enjoy (have come full circle).

  5. Smit, Ria – – Hi to who ever this goes to. How exciting to have the reunion. Wonder how I can take part. It would be great fun. I was at the NHS 1954-1956. I remember one student in particular, “Anne Gardiner” and one teacher “Mr A.B.Nicoll” Wonder whether either of those will contact you. I am not due to be in Australia until January 2008 and I certainly could not afford the thousand or more dollars to get over there, plus the cost of all that is involved. So, anything you are planning for others like me who cannot get there?

  6. Smit Ria – Cultural things? Hmmm, we went to see the Queen at the Show grounds in Shepparton. I think almost the whole school went. Was it March 1954? We went to the Olympic Games in Melbourne as a school, day trip. I remember being in a play at an interschool competition. We went to Bendigo and stayed for a couple of days. The play was about a Chinese couple, and the husband kept saying, “Confucius said …”. The teacher who took us gave us an outing one evening to a Chinese restaurant where I used chopsticks for the very first time. I can’t think of much more just now. I would have to check the school magazines and they are in storage.

  7. I would love to say hello and to hear from Janet Hall-Burkitt if she should happen to read this. Hi Hallie.

  8. Hi Fay and all who may read this. Sadly, I shall once again have to miss this get together. Once again I will be off to North America, where five of my seven grandchildren live. Am so looking forward to seeing my family over there, I see so little of them.

    I am fortunate that the six months visa the US government allows me, covers the birthdays of all the grandchildren, so I will be able to attend all their birthday parties.

    In between all the grandchildren’s birthdays, I take the opportunity to do a little tripping around. This time I have a car waiting for me in Minnesota, which I hope will take me to Alaska and up to the Arctic Ocean. Also hope to visit friends in Iowa, Idaho, California, Virginia and Florida. The list gets longer with every visit. LOL

    With the help of a new mini computer and Skype, I will be able to keep in contact with all back home. Isn’t the modern technology wonderful. We live in such a great time.

    Hope you all have a great day with nice weather, and maybe I will be able to make it to another reunion.

    Cheers, Lucy (Smit) – Lifemagician

  9. Just thought I would share……

    When in August 2003 I was driving taxis in the Snowy Mountains, a call came in from Smiggin Holes. There was a lady who needed a taxi to the dentist in Cooma. Her 15 year old daughter had had an accident whilst skiing and broken several teeth.

    During the long trip, we got to chatting. Turns out she was either a sister, or sister-in-law of Joy Brown.

    It is a small world, in which we live!

  10. Kevin Walker added this comment to the “Who am I” post… I am duplicating it here for ease of finding…

    Had a great get together at Bendigo 11th Sept 2009 with Kerry O’Brien, Eric Rivers and Bob Byham. We now come from all over the country SA, Tas, and Vic. We made contact again after the reunion – only one attended and took the trouble to make contact again. I had not seen these old school mates since 1957 so we had heaps to talk about, aided by the reunion DVD and some old school photo’s. It was great to catch up after all this time and to see how life travels have taken us all in different directions, and to share knowledge of the where abouts of differant people that we knew and the sad news of those who are no longer with us. We have another get together planned to be held in Tasmania soon.

    If you wish to get in touch with Kevin please shoot an email through to ca33rs_num@yahoo.com and the Alumni will do it’s best to put you in touch.

  11. Any one know how I can contact Helen Twitt / Winston, Please

    Or Claire O’Dwyer ~ ex Catholic School & John Morrios Chemist 1959

  12. To clarify the above request (for readers who swing by), I was able to pass Bill’s details onto Helen… she was happy to follow through and catch up…

  13. Looking through the blogs left by some made me reminisce about past friendships and acquaintances. Some of the information about me is not quite right. I have been married and widowed twice therefore maiden name Reilly, first married name Kildin and second married name Hampel. Have lived for over 30 years in Northern NSW and have had a very interesting life. I am now back in Vic. Who would have thought. Life leads us in very strange and exciting ways. Would like to catch up with the 1954’ers if anyone is interested.s

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