Who Am I?

If you can guess who this person is, just leave your answer by clicking on ‘comment’ below… if you get it right you can win a free Alumni subscription for a year (worth $20!)… yes… we are the last of the big spenders! 

Note: Committee members are ineligible to enter, financial members can nominate a friend to get the free subcription….  good luck

Clue 1:

Primary school at St Josephs, Numurkah

Clue 2:

My favourite classes at school were Maths & Science and I was really appreciative of the super dedication of teachers Ian Woodgate and Steve Mitchell.

Clue 3:

I did work experience at the CSIRO

Clue 4:

For further clues… click on ‘comment’ below….

10 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Nobody yet prepared to have a go???? I am still waiting…. Next clue will go on tomorrow (Sunday 19 April 09)!…..

  2. Clue 5…. I received many class and school awards including school Dux and National Maths Recognition….. next clue soon… 🙂

  3. Two good guesses, but no… sorry about the late clues… I wasn’t expecting any responses… shouldn’t be such a pessimist should I???
    Next clues…

    – Favourite food; left overs, not hot & spicy. Favorite drink: Larger.

    – Four siblings and mother also attended Numurkah High.

    – Has a Doctorate of Philosopy (PHD & Med Sci) where this person got that from will be the next clue 🙂

  4. Sorry Anne-maree – it’s not Cathy Cook….

    It IS however Tanya Hansen… Well done Maggie Watts….

    I debated about whether I should allow Maggie to answer this… as she is already a member… but I see by my instructions that members are allowed to answer then nominate somebody else to win the yearly subscription…. so Maggie… who do you want to nominate???

    The rest of the details about Tanya will be loaded soon…. A new ‘who is it’ will also be coming your way soon….

  5. Had a great get together at Bendigo 11th Sept with Kerry O’Brien, Eric Rivers and Bob Byham. We now come from all over the country SA, Tas, and Vic. We made contact again after the reunion – only one attended and took the trouble to make contact again. I had not seen these old school mates since 1957 so we had heaps to talk about, aided by the reunion DVD and some old school photo’s. It was great to catch up after all this time and to see how life travels have taken us all in different directions, and to share knowledge of the where abouts of differant people that we knew and the sad news of those who are no longer with us. We have another get together planned to be held in Tasmania soon.

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