1962 – Update



Photograph from Jan (Dragon) Farrell/Stevens who says “We don’t look too bad for a bunch a 63-64 year old school friends. Some of us started primary school together, others joined us on our first day at Numurkah High School in 1962. We get together annually for a nosh-up lunch and catch up.  This year we met up in Geelong, as we try to share the travelling around.”

We have a Group on Facebook Numurkah High School Class of ’62 – so if any 1962 kids want to join, then “friend” one of us and we can join you up.
L to R: Sandra (Reynoldson) Malcolm, Judith Bourchier, Helen (Austin) Pini, Karen Dupleix, Sue (Dudley) McManus, Marilyn (Muir) James, Gael (Betts) Vandyck, Janet (Farrell) Stevens, Glennis (McPherson) Wallace, Vivienne Love

Front: Gail (Denman) Jenkins and Valerie (Dealy) Brennan

Apologies this year from Alyson Hyde and Sue (Monk) Deith

One thought on “1962 – Update

  1. even though i left numurkah in 1963 because my family moved to melbourne,i will always call numurkah home.i was taught respect ,freindship ,community,and helping my fellow human being has done me well in life.i look forward to reunions.being from a struggling farming community taught me many lessons in life,being a bad student i really thankful to all my friends i dont see much ,but think of regulary.cheers to all.ken.

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