Those with an asterisk (*) attended the reunion in March 2007.  To see any comments or memories from your peers, please scroll to the bottom of this list and click on comments… you should add your own comments too, the comments are fun to read for those who visit…..  thanks for visiting this year level….

Aguilar, A – / Allsop, Peter – / Attana, JOE – / *Austin, HELEN – Pini/ Bailey, JOHN – / Bennett, Edgar – / Bernhardt, John – / *Betts, Gael – Van Dyck/ *Beverley, Jeanette – Graham/ Birch, A – / Blackley, DIANE – Davies/ Blackley, JOHN – / Bloor, Jane  – / *Boal, ROBYN – Bouch/ *Boase, Gayle – Parker/ *Bourchier, JUDITH – / Bowie, JIM – / Bretherton, ALAN – / Brown, DARYL – / *Brown, ROBERT – / Burke, MICHAEL – / Camera, FRANK – / Cantwell, ROBERT – / Carman, Peter – / Chaffey, GRAEME – / Chaffey, P – / Clarke, Graeme – / Clarkson, JANETTE – Bulger/ Corrigan, Ian – / Cox, P – / Crawford, S – / Dallar, G – / Daly, MARLENE – Smith/ Daniel, Owen – / *Dealy, VALERIE – Brennan/ *Denman, GAIL – Jenkins/ Dewar, Roderick – / Donman, G – / Douglas, P – / Downey, M – / *Dudley, KAYE – Dobson/ *Dudley, Suzanne – McManus/ *Dupleix, KAREN – / Dwyer, Dennis – / *Eastham, ROSS – / Eddy, TREVOR – / Edwards, JOHN – / Edwards, LEO – / Evans, C – / Evans, G – / *Farrell, Janet – Stevens/ Fennis, Roger – / Few, EVA – GLOVER/ Finch, PETER – / Fitch, David – / Fitzgerald, THOMAS – / Flynn, J – / Foote, SARAH – / Gainey, GEOFFREY – / Gaiwey, G – / *Gardiner, DAVID – / Garside, Hilary – / Gillespie, C – / Gordon, JOHN – / Gould, GRAEME – / Gregson, Rodger – / Grillo, Phillip – / Hanna, RUSSELL – / *Hansford, GLENEICE – Dalton/ Harvey, R – / *Harvie, ROSEMARY – Robins/ Hastie, JOHN – / Heffer, MARILYN – NORRIS/ Heiffer, M – / *Hendy, Geoffrey – / Hill, FAYE – WOOD/ Hobbs, Graeme – / Hobbs, Jeffrey – / Hodge, I – / Hodge, IAN – / Hornsby, Merilyn – / Hosie, H – / Hughes, Cheryll – Thomas/ Hyde, Alyson – / *Irvine, GREG – / Irving, G – / Jamieson, R – / Johnson, GREG – / *Kendall, RUTH – Kleehammer/ Kennedy, JANINE – BOYLE/ Kilgour, Gregory – / KRUGER, PAM – GARTON/ Laidlaw, MARGARET – GASKILL/ Lawrence, A – / Lawrence, KAYE – Saunders/ Learmonth, CHRISTINE – Blackley/ LEASE, JOHN – / Leskie, G – / LESKIE, Graeme – / Little, NEVILLE – / Love, P – / *Love, VIVIENNE  – Love/ Mackay, Margaret – / Mackenzie, C – / Maddex, Ralph – / Madex, S – / MaKay, S – / Manning, Trevor – / Mares, Janine – / Martin, Colleen – / Martin, Kathleen – / Martin, KATHY – Dudink/ McAllister, Stewart – / McDermott, L – / McDonald, L – / *McDonald, LEN (GEORDIE) – / McKean, P – / *McPherson, Glennis – Wallace/ *Melville, KEN – / *Miller, John – / Mills, Joan – Lemish/ *Mills, LYNETTE – Knell/ *Minotti, NEVILLE – / *Monk, Suzanne – Deith/ *Morris, RUSSELL – / Morton, Julie – / Muir, MARILYN – James/ *Muller, DAVID – / Murray, John – / Muston, K – / *Neeld, ANDREW – / Neyland, Paul – / Nicholls, Anthea – / Norman, C – / Norman, Kerry – / Nott, S – / *Owen, Ron – / Padgent, W – / Padgett, Bill william – / PAGANONI, KEN – / Parker, LESLEY – Phillips/ Parrott, NOEL – / *Patching, EDWARD – / Paterson, TREVOR – / Patterson, T – / Payne, J – / Peiper, E – / PIEPER, ELIZABETH – DE MARIA/ Porter, Barbara – Walker/ Powell, Rhonda – MOREY/ Powells, R – / Prideaux, ALAN – / Primmer, Graeme – / Reilly, MICHAEL – / Rendell, RUTH – Champion/ *Reynoldson, SANDRA – Malcolm/ Ridsdale, Peter – / Rodgers, Lorraine – Wellington/ *Rodwell, ALAN – / Routely, Ross – / Salter, GRAEME – / *Sampson, Jim james – / Sang, D – / SANG, STEPHEN – / Saunders, FRANCES – Oates/ Scott, Alan – / Simm, Lawrence – / Simms, M – / Simms, R – / Sims, Margaret – / Smith, BRIAN – / Smith, M – / Smith, STEPHEN – / Spath, R – / Spath, Ralf – / Staggard, DES – / *Staggard, Donald – / Staggard, MARGERY – STAGGARD/ Steele, J – / Stephenson, F – /*Stewart, Garry – / Stewart, Kevin – / Storer, Frank – / Sullivan, Michael – / *Sutcliffe, GEOFFREY – / Sutherland, LINDSAY – / Sutton, RUSSELL – / Sutton, Suellyn – / *Thornton, Glenda – Reynolds/ Twigg, K – / Valentine, WENDY – Cracknell/ Wake, Sandra – Cotterill/ Wallace, BERNARD – / Warburton, JOHN – / Warburton, ROBERT – / Ward, REG – / Watson, KEVIN – / *Wellington, COLIN – / Westneat, P – / *Weston, CELIA – Weston/ *Whitford, Ann – Milkins/ Whyatt, S – / Willas, A – / *Williams, JEANETTE  – Williams/ Williams, William billy – / *Wilson, Carolyn – Homburg/ Wilson, CHERYL – WARBURTON/ Wilson, Cheryl valda – / Wood, P – / Wood, Rosemary – / Young, Judith –

2 thoughts on “1962

  1. 62 – Melville, KEN – – Wagging it and going fishing with ‘Titch’ McDonald!

    62 – Kendall, RUTH – Kleehammer – Alyson Hyde & myself dancing on cooking table. Miss Glover (Senior Mistress) caught us.

    62 – Farrell, Janet – Stevens – Retired Business Manager. Number One Dragon! (in-house joke!)

    62 – Fitzgerald, THOMAS – – Thank you very much for the details of the Reunion. I will be unable to attend this time, having attended the last Year of ’63 Reunion in 1999.

    62 – Austin, HELEN – Pini – The friendships of peers. The frank and open criticism and compliments and acceptance of faults by people who knew and understood the best and worst of you because you had spent most of your life with them. These friendships have survived more than forty years despite distance concerns, marriage, death and families.

    62 – Stewart, Garry – – Numerous fond memories….hope to share at the reunion. Went to RMIT in 1969 to train in electronics as a Weather Bureau Technician. Posted to WA in 1973 with new wife Liz. Left Bureau in 1982 to start my own company which still operates today as Datanet in WA, SA & Vic. http://www.data.net.au. Have two children and very recent grandson. Love WA and the West Coast Eagles! Mother still lives in Strathmerton.

    62 – Smith, STEPHEN – – I remember how big the school was, and the number of classes – coming from Strathmerton where school numbers were low. When I left school I furthered my studies in automotive engineering with Holden and have just retired after 36 years. I have been involved in the body structure design of every Holden from HQ to the Bodyside Design of VE.

    62 – Fitch, David – – Congratulations on a excellent job of organizing the reunion. Unfortunately I am unable to attend so here is a brief outline what I have done since I left Numurkah High School in 1966. I joined the Royal Australian Air Force in Feb 67, after basic training I was posted to R.A.A.F. Academy Point Cook. In 69 I was Posted to Darwin N.T. In 70 I was posted back to Point Cook for Service Police Training and Posted back to Darwin in 71 we left Darwin on 31-12-75 for discharge in Townsville. While in Darwin on the 31-12-69 I met my wife Donna on a blind date she flew out 8 days later and we had planned to marry. We were married on the 10th April 71 at Mareeba Nth Qld. While in Darwin we went through Cyclone Tracey it certainly was a different Christmas in 74, but we stayed up there for another 12 months I had planned to be discharged in Darwin but Cyclone Tracey blew that idea away. We lived in Cairns for 2 years, but shifted to Townsville in 78 when I stared at Townsville Correctional Centre. On the 20th Jan 83, our daughter Rebecca was born I would have to say one of the best days of my life as she was and is a real treasure to us both. She works with us in our business. (She likes to think she is the boss) In 85 we decided it would be nice to do something different so we decided to build and run Holiday Units on the beach at Balgal Beach 50 Klms North of Townsville. In 88 we decided to sell the Units and move back to Townsville, and I started working with Correctives Services again. I stayed with this until 2005 when I decided to retire and start up my own Real Estate Business on the beach at Balgal Beach which is where we are today. I hope the Re-Union is a great success and everyone has a good time talking about the good old days, the days we had hair. If any of you escape the cold winters and come to the Sunshine Capital of Australia please call in and say Hi. Regards David

    62 – Rodgers, Lorraine – Wellington – Exchange Student

    62 – Weston, CELIA – Weston – Crazy rules and regulations! Hats, gloves, modest length to skirt, short hair (off collar), hose down paddock to separate male & female and horrors – NO patent leather shoes at socials – the boys might see our undies!! I am at present tutoring senior secondary and tertiary students English. I’m retired as teacher and from running cattle shed etc.

    62 – Harvie, ROSEMARY – Robins – Married with a boy & girl. Live in the centre of the universe – Nathalia!

    62 – Hastie, JOHN – – Mother @ Yarroweyah

    62 – Dealy, VALERIE – Brennan – Loved my time at NHA especially the friends I made. Fond memories of the teachers we had. Yr 5 camp to Mirboo North was a highlight. RIP Miss Pascoe who later was killed in a car accident. The school bus was another good memory. Now married 34 years and retired primary teacher. Expecting our first grandchild in March. Love hearing from and catching up with “old” NHS friends.

    62 – Williams, JEANETTE – Williams – Travelled overseas. Work for lawyers.

    62 – Denman, GAIL – Jenkins – I am a registered nurse, Executive Health Manager & OH&S Professional. The friends I made, the teachers joining in on sports days, uniform days, school productions the school socials, interschool sports and zone sports days. Hosting exchange students. Being a prefect and graduating.

    62 – Reynoldson, SANDRA – Malcolm – I have many memories of my time at Numurkah High School and have kept school magazines which I’ve referred to over the years. I especially enjoyed the school fetes and talent quests.Another special memory was being able to attend several of the early Gilbert&Sullivan productions put on by the Numurkah Singers in the Town hall. On one such occasion, I still remember the humiliation of the seat I was sitting on giving way, and landing with it on the floor with a bang! One of the teachers assumed I had been misbehaving and hauled me out very promptly.The episode provided me with good material for an English essay which I think I might still have somewhere. The school library was my favourite room and both Mrs Reilly, and later Mrs Moore, encouraged my enjoyement of reading – probably helping to assist me to later fill my home almost to overflowing with books, frequently haunting secondhand bookshops. My less favourite places were the sewing room and the gymnasium. I am hoping to catch up with many with who I share memories going back over 40 years – incredible. I’ve enjoyed previous school reunions. After leaving school in 1968, I studied librarianship at RMIT 1969-70. I worked in public libraries as a children’s librarian until leaving to have a family – 2 children – a daughter and son.Did what was mostly voluntary work in the primary school my children attended for about 13 years, the librarian being happy to use my library skills.I “retired” when she did. I have been an Avon Representative for 20 years this April and have built up a good business which keeps me busy. I have been happily married for almost 33 years (in March) and have become a proud Grandma of a little grandson born in October 2005.

    62 – Boase, Gayle – Parker – Going on exchange for 12 months to the Philippines when I was 15 (I had 16th birthday over there). Challenge of the cross country races. I retired from Primary school teaching 2005.

    62 – Miller, John – – Travelled around Australia, settled in Mackay (QLD) for 15 years. Now live in Brisbane.

    62 – Dudley, Suzanne – McManus – After I completed my Matriculation I went to Bendigo Teachers’ College for 3 years and got a Diploma of Teaching (1963-1970). I married Peter McManus in 1971 and we have 4 children and now 2 grandchildren. We have lived in several placed in Vicoria but we have been in Dookie for 30 years. I have been teaching at the Dookie Preschool for the last 15 years. My husband resigned from teaching about 8 years ago and we are now involved with the “Gentle Annie” vineyard & wines.

    62 – Hughes, Cheryll – Thomas – Dear Jan and Class of 1962. I’m sorry I can’t be with you all and catch up on the past 45 years (Ouch, that makes us feel old). Looking through the list of some of our “lost friends”, I had some very fond memories, quite a few. I went through Katunga Primary School, so a special “Hello” to all the ex-Katunga kids. Needless to say, since leaving Numurkah High, a lot of us have moved away. I took off to Queensland for a year, came back and married at 22, a marriage that was very short lived. Moved to Shepparton for a while, then to Finley. Re-married at 27, and had two daughters (one deceased); Amanda, 2nd daughter, joined the Navy. After 21 years of marriage, I decided to move on and start again. After my 50th birthday, I made my way over to the NSW South Coast. At the time, Amanda was still in the Navy, and living in Sydney – only 4 hours away. She was serving on the “Tabrook” and went to Timor, Solomon Islands, and several other postings, before leaving the Navy due to ill health. In moving, I found a lovely Town House in Dalmeny (just North of Narooma0 100 Metres from the Ocean. A big and quite scary move, being completely on my own. But I soon made friends and found that Mum and Dad’s ex-William Street neighbours, were living behind me. Frank and Eunice Priestley (they had a fruit and veg shop in Numurkah – it’s a small world after all). I found a job selling linen, working and travelling the countryside. Being on the road and living out of a suitcase for up to a month at a time. I did that for about 18 months and then I found the ideal spot for 6 weeks for the Linen Co here at Central Tilba over the Christmas holidays 2002. Management left me to it and I employed a couple of locals to help me. It was here I met my “soul mate”, Ross. I had arranged to take my daily takings and put it in the “Pub” safe – and as you do in mid-Summer, stopped for a couple of “coldies”, and Ross and I hit it off and the rest is history. I finished with the Linen Co, and within weeks moved in with Ross, and got a job at the Pub as a cook for 2 two years, until Ross and I became ‘silent partners’ in the Pub, and he decided it was time I retired. I now enjoy the peaceful life, living just out of the township in the foothills of Mt Dromedary. Still close enough to lay in bed and listen to the roar of the Ocean. We rent on a 1400Hectare cattle property, with rolling hills and a huge dam. I keep myself busy with our vegie garden, gold fish, and a very cheeky talkative budgie, and my beloved ‘shithzu’ Jake, and I knit and do embroidery. To me, and all that live in the district,and the thousands of tourists who love out Heritage Village, with so much to look at and enjoy. At the “Dromedary Hotel” we have B & B, and also several other B & B’s close by. Not to mention entertainment most Sunday evenings in the Beer Garden in good weather, or inside if its cool and wet outside. In closing, I hope to see some of you call in at the Pub at some time and enjoy the wonderful South Coast. If any do decide to come over, just ask for Ross, he’s sure to be at the Pub, and say you went to school with Cheryll, and he’ll phone me. Regards to all, have a great Reunion, Cheryll Thomas (nee Hughes)

    62 – Bourchier, JUDITH – – Career – Secondary Teaching. Have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and South East Pacific

    62 – Hyde, Alyson – – Retired Teacher

    62 – Hansford, GLENEICE – Dalton – FondMemories: Where does one start? 1967 saw me commence my nursing training at Mooroopna & District Base Hospital, where my sister Coral(1960 School intake) was also training. On completion, I moved to Melbourne, then Warrnambool where my folks had bought a farm, to work in Intensive care. In 1972, we moved to Geelong, again working in Intensive care until I married in 1979. 3 children later, including identical twins, all boys I might add, we embarked on a mission to adopt a little girl. After 3 years we finally got our wish, bringing home an Indian babe from Fiji, Davina. The years roll by! I still work as a nurse,managing a Recovery Unit of a busy Day Surgery on the Gold Coast, my husband and the twins have a High Performance Car workshop, our eldest son is a supervisor for a plumbing company working on 40 and 50 level high-rise buildings and Davina is a 2nd yr Uni student studying Psychology.

    62 – Dupleix, KAREN – – Retired Teacher

  2. Sorry I can’t come to reunion tomoorow night ( 17th March 2012) . Hope you have a good time catching up and the floods have not caused to many difficulties. I now live in Mt Waverley. I am still working for the Department of Human Services using my social work training as a senior policy and program advisor in Child Protection, Placement and Family Services area. I have recently had a chapter published in a Social Work text book as well as a number of journal articles related to outcomes for children placed in out-of home care. Max and I recently celebrated our Ruby (40th) Wedding anniversary and we have 4 children (3 teachers and a lawyer). Tanya is married and the mother of our 2 gorgeous grandchildren. Lachlan, Rachel and Marcus are all engaged with their 3 weddings planned for April , December/January and next March. My parents are both living in Kialla Gardens retirement village in Shepparton and still pass on some “Numurkah” news.

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