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Adams, J – / Ashton, H – / Bateman, Sue – Ford/ Baxter, B – / Bernard, B – / Blackley, Margaret – Rhode/ Blake, Russell – / Boucaut, C – / Bowyer-Smythe, L – / Breen, M – / Briggs, Janet – Orr/ Brown, David – / Burgess, R – / Byham, K – / Caldwell, B – / Carr, John – / Carter, Euan – / Caughey, Christine – Westh/ Clarke, G – / Cole, Brian – / Cowan, Graham snow – / Davies, K – / Decker, John – / Dougherty, Elgin – / Douglas, L – / Dudley, Gary – / Eddy, Brian – / Ennis, J – / Ennis, Roseanne – / Fawley, Carol – / Finch, Lynne – Sutton/ Foote, Jeannie – Cornish/ Fox, Douglas – / Fry, C – / Fry, Peter – / Garland, F  – / Gartrell, Wendy – Gilchrist/ Gilmour, Margaret – Clayton/ Goodall, Pam – / Grinsberg, Inara – Fox/ Hansen, Kevin – / Hargreaves, Edward ted – / Hayes, Joan – Rutherford/ Hendy, Doug – / Hixon, Lois – Henderson/ Hook, Richard – / Howells, Maurice – / Hunter, Colin – / Hutchinson, N – / Kirby, K – / Laws, B – / Lowndes, R – / Manson, J – / Martin, B – / Matys, H – / Mawdesley, Elaine – Trickey/ McAndrew, M – / McBride, John – / McBurnie, Bill – / McCracken, John – / McGregor, William bill – / McKenna, C – / McLean, John – Teena/ Meichel, P – / Melville, Joy – Pallant/ Monk, I – / Morris, Irene – Cracknell/ Muir, Elaine – / Mundy, G – / Newby, J – / Newby, Norman – / Newton, D – / Parker, T  – / Parrott, Roslyn – Wight/ Patman, A – / Patman, Lois – Coonerty/ Perry, M – / Purchase, D – / Reilly, Beverley – Dunne/ Rielly, Beverley – / Riggs, Janet – Orr/ Rivers, Noreen – / Rome, Graeme – / Ross, Graham – / Saxton, B – / Secomb, Ken – / Shipley, Marcia – Lee/ Simpson, M – / Smit, Frank – / Smith, B – / Smith, Robert – / Speechley, Tom – / Speed, E – / Staggard, G – / Stephens, Pamela – / Stephens, Susan – Jenkinson/ Storer, Bev – Cocks/ Stuart, E – / Stuart, M – / Sullivan, N – / Sutcliffe, Jan – Willis/ Sutton, Kaye – / Thompson, B – / Ure, Bill – / Wakefield, Robert bob – / Wallace, E – / Wallace, John – / Waser, Graeme – / Watters, F  – / Watters, Helen – Aberton/ Weatherill, Allan – / Weston, Ann – Blunsom/ White, Cyril – / White, Geoff – / Wright, Ben – / /

One thought on “1956

  1. 56 – Stephens, Susan – Jenkinson – Being town, non bicycle riding students, Pamela and I, plus Miss Hossack, would often be collected along the way, on the long walk to school, by Mr Gooding, woodwork teacher, sometimes Mr Corneliuson maths teacher, to ensure we arrived ontime. We and Miss Hossack, were always grateful this kindness, especially on wet days. It shows the friendly sense of community of former more innocent times. Numurkah High School had top class teachers. It was an honour to be taught by teachers of the calibre of: Miss H Hossack (English); Mr I McKean (Commercial Prin and Prac, Shorthand/Typing); Mr HDG Burr (Geography); Mr R Fitzgerald (History and Form Teacher). Not forgetting from former years, Miss L Vincent (Needlework); Mr Tippett (Maths); Miss M Patten (French); Mr Erdlie (Geography – after the Hungarian Uprising). Pamela and I enjoyed being in the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Gondoliers’ presented on Speech Night, 1958. I was always proud of being Dux of Form 5 Leaving Certificate Year in 1959. Moved to Melbourne in 1960. I was an Accounts Ledger Keeper for 6 years – Lived overseas in Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea.Mother of 3, Grandmother of 4 Grandsons, including 3 year old twins, whe celebrate 1 day aftern my twin Pamela, and I.

    56 – Dougherty, Elgin – – Most fond memory is older students miming “She Boom” in a school talent quest. Currently semi-retired but am commencing a course in a week or two which could lead to employment.

    56 – Gilmour, Margaret – Clayton – Complimentary Therapist. Taught in 1963 Years 7-10 English, History, Geography and Phys Ed. Happy memories as a student and then teacher.

    56 – Rome, Graeme – – Playing cards on the bus from Cobram. Moved to Melbourne attended RMIT and Monash University – studied chemical engineering. Worked Mobil, BHP Petroleum. Changed career and taught chemistry, science and maths in private school system until retiring 2004. Moved permanently to the country and pick up emergency teaching in semi-retirement.

    56 – Stephens, Pamela – – As a girl we always had to wear our Numurkah High School uniform correctly with tie, beret and gloves. We had weekly inspections by Miss Hossack. On exceptionally hot days we were permitted to undo the top button of our summer dress. Numurkah High School enabled me to be successfully accepted into RMIT to study fashion, with a 4 year Diploma of Art, and a lifetime career in Design and Art. I did consultative/freelance in Rome, Milan, Sydney and Melbourne.

    56 – Finch, Lynne – Sutton – Worked at motels, merchandiser for a greeting card company. Dairy farmers wife for 26 years, 3 children, one married living in Switzerland, one working in real estate Brisbane, the other in the National Bank Shepparton. I am now retired.

    56 – Smit, Frank – – Did Forms 2 – 5 at NHS. Did Diploma of Electrical Engineering at Wangaratta & Caulfield Technical Colleges. Now own & run Dyne Industries P/L manufacturing custom designed small electrical transformers, employing 20 staff. Active in running Caroline Chisholm Society which runs a Pregnancy & Family Support Service in Melbourne with a Goulburn Valley branch in Shepparton.

    56 – Bateman, Sue – Ford – Got married to Laurie Ford in 1963.Had 5 Kids,4 Daughters & 1 son, all married.14 Grand kids [including twins,] ages 18yrs to 6mnths. we own a sheep & grain Farm of 6000 acres at Tungamah.

    56 – Melville, Joy – Pallant – Biggest highlight: catching train to Melbourne on 30 November 1956 to see Betty Cuthbert win the 200 metres. Good memories of being in school sports teams – Mr Cornelisun was the Sports Teacher and Maths Teacher. Don Moore – sports coach – had us running around oval while he rode his bike beside us, urging us on. When I was in Form 4C (1959) Miss Hossack was the Headmistress/French Teacher – Our form teacher also. I was form captain and still have my metal form captain badge.

    56 – Wallace, John – – Accountant/CPA. Worked for SR & WSC and other successor bodies as an Accountant for 33 years. Now have my own Accounting Business. Greatest achievement since leaving school was as a non-athlelite as a student to train myself to run Marathons after age 40 and to run under 3.00 hrs

    56 – Blackley, Margaret – Rhode – First year at a brand new school. School trip to Olympic Games on train. Good teachers – pleanty of sport. Retired now, married for 42 years. Play golf.

    56 – Weston, Ann – Blunsom – Registered Nurse/Midwife. Best memory: going to the Olympic Games in 1956 with the school by special train. Trained as Nurse and Midwife and still working professionally after 40 years. Travelled extensively, lived in Perth, Sydney, New Zealand and melbourne. Married with two children.

    56 – White, Cyril – – The friends that I made, and still have today

    56 – Caughey, Christine – Westh – School buses: Drivers Tilly and Norm Eldridge were our drivers. Each day they would wash and polish the buses inside out making it a pleasure to travel in. I think it was Norm if driving on a Friday afternoon, would allow all the remaining students to embark from bus to purhase sweets, drinks, etc from the Strathmerton Milk Bar wich was owned by my parens. Probably not quite the right protocol bu the students loved him for it. Loved the concerts we had at lunch time on Fridays, wher we voted for our favourite artists with penny votes. The final contestants performed the day of the fete. Great way to raise money. We neer did vote for the real talented ones. I never did thank Ian McKean for his recommendation for my first postion in the work force (John Cassidy, Solicitors, Cobram). I do remember aying to him that others girls were more qualified, he replied that it was because I wass reliable, willing to learn and conscientioius. I always tried to keep up hi expectations. I often wonder how many teachers suffered with indigestion aftr eating our culinary efforts. last day of school a couple of girls and I jumped into the small irrigation channel at back of school ground. Dripping wet we were severely reprimanded in Mr McLeod’s office. Mr Erdelyi problem of pronouncing 2/3rds!

    56 – Morris, Irene – Cracknell – Happy carefree days! For the past 36 years I have worked for the same accountants in Corowa NSW & Rutherglen Vic I was awarded the Order of Australia Medal on 26th January 2003 for services to the community through health, social welfare and emergency services groups. The same day I was also awarded as The Rutherglen Citizen of the Year. In July 2006 I was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in Victoria.

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