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Attendees of the BIG Reunion in 2007 are bolded

Adams, John – / Addison, Raymond – / Alchin, Douglas – / Amor, Maxwell – / Bacon, Gordon – / Barbour, Lorna – McLeish/ Baxter, Elizabeth – / Beisel, Billy – / Bellis, Gerald – / Bennett, Noel – / Blackley, Alan – / Brady, Graeme – / Browning, Robert – / Burkhill, Lorraine – / Campbell, Lois – Mackay/ Carey, Raymond – / Carter, Lois – Skoknic/ Carter, Noel – / Chandler, Lewis – / Chant, Lila – / Clough, Barry – / Condon, Alan – / Coppin, Thelma – Payne/ Cossens, Margaret – Watts/ Cowan, David – / Cox, Betty – / Cox, Colin – / Cunningham, Jean – Mackay/ Danaher, Eileen – / Dempster, Glenda – Chessells/ Dempster, Leila – / Doyle, Bruce – / Dunbar, Wilma – Seymour/ Durrant, Beverley – / Eddy, John – / Edge, George – / Ellis, Elizabeth – / Fennis, Neville – / Fleming, Dorothy – McLean/ Gardner, Joy – / Gartrell, Ann – Currey/ Gilliard, Patricia – / Gladstone, Leslie – Porter/ Goggin, Valerie – / Gooding, Claire – / Gooding, Elaine – Crothers/ Goodwin, Bernie – / Graeme, Gordon – / Grandell, Dorothy – / Gray, Carol – Heyward/ Gread, Lorna – / Hansen, Brian – / Harding, John jack – / Hill, Malcolm – / Hixon, Heather – Barrie/ Hocking, Kevin – / Hollands, Ronald – / Hooper, Glenda – Garner/ Hutchinson, Beverley – / Jack, Ronald – / Johnson, Pamela – Howard/ Johnson, Timothy – / Kellett, John – / Kennedy, Frank – / Kennedy, Peter – / Longmuir, Murray – / Marshall, George – / Marshall, Sue pamela – Watson/ Martin, Wilma – / Maw, Anthony – / McBride, Robin – Bohan/ McCallum, Robert – / McCluskey, Carolyn – / McDonald, Carole – / Mead, Gordon – / Mills, Isobel – Walker/ Mills, Marjorie – / Mullavey, Terence – / Needham, Stanley – / Neilson, Ronald – / Newman, Roger – / O’Farrell, Dermott – / Oram, Iris – / Patrick, Ian – / Peck, Heather – / Peep, Beppie – / Phillips, Kenton – / Reilly, Kenneth – / Ross, Roger – / Saunders, Maureen – / Schmedje, Barrie – / Scott, Marjorie – / Scrivens, Ian – / Seymour, Brian – / Sheils, Loretta – / Simpson, Don – / Smit, Theo – / Smith, Brian – / Stofmeel, Trudy – / Stone, Merle – / Strong, Noel – / Sutton, Andrew – / Sutton, Donald – / Tanner, John – / Taylor, Jean – / Taylor, Kevin – / Thomas, Barry – / Tuttle, Margaret – / Tweedie, Barbara – / Visser, Albert – / Walker, Douglas – / Walkington, Patricia – / Woods, Beryl – / Wright, Geoffrey

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  1. Cowan, David – – I was a student then taught at the school (Humanities 1963-65 teaching mainly junior & middle forms History, Geog & Eng. I am a member of a family who settled in the are in the early years and I still have relatives living in Numurkah. My wife and I are both teachers and have spent fro,m 1967 until present day in Geelong. My wife, Sandra, is a Principal of a Primary and I am working part-time in a Real Estate Firm, a profession I commenced after leaving teaching on an early retirement package in mid 90’s. Daughter Emma teaches Torquay.
    I first went up to the new school in 1956 during the floods of that year. The school consisted only of one wing, the office and foyer and commencement had been made on the east wing at the time and the assembly hall. It was so wet that year we had walkways made of timber decking from the buses arrival into the school and of course only a very small area to the east of the completed building, originally known as Rooms 1 – 6 which we could gather at recess time. There were tons of mud, slush and water and many pranks from the boys over endowed with testosterone when walking out to the bus or going home tossing people off the ramps into the mud. The commencement of 1957 saw the school much more livable and Mr Aurthur Hart was the Principal and Mr Tippett (better known as Casper the friendly ghost) the vice principal. A bit of a frail man, Casper was the butt of several pranks during the year. This was to be my last year and I, along with Max Spinks, Laurie Bernard and Robert Sloley were elected Prefects. We were all doing Chemistry that year and as a final farewell to Casper, we decided to make some hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg gas) to put in some balloons and explode them at a given time at the final school social. We were busy in the little work room in the science wing with our florence flask bubbling away and balloon on top collecting this gas when Casper walked in and I was left with a florence flask and bubbling gas under my shirt. Casper had stopped me, suspected I was up to something but let me continue. We loaded up 4 balloons and hung one in each corner. At the same time, the others decided to raid the art room for some black water paint to paint Casper’s car lights and number plates that night. The paint and some brushes were secretly hidden in a coat cupboard in the corridor. The night came and we exploded the balloons on schedule with the result suspicious glances were made by the girls particularly at the boys for performing such a foul and crude act. We proceeded to collect the paint and paint skeleton and cross bones on Casper’s car window, headlights and number plate….a great joke we thought. At the end of the night we went home and some of us decided not to attend school next day. My brother Snow came home at lunch with the news the police had been at school all morning looking for the vandals who had pained Casper’s car with TAR. I must have given the game away with my furtive glances to Mum who ultimately forced it out of me that I had been implicated in the deed. She made me go back to school and confess to poor old Casper that it was me…however I was not left to carry the burden alone. Spinksy and Squizzer Sloley then knocked on the door to also confess. We were duly sent to the Principal whose punishment was metered out…we had to go to Casper’s house Saturday morning and wash his car! Just one of the antics I remember.

  2. Hooper, Glenda – Garner – Winning Vigoro Team District Final. Egg appeals. Gray House victories. Citizenship award. School Captin. Trained as a primary school teacher and taught for years. Travelled overseas. Played cricket (ladies). Still play table tennis – a game I was taught at NHS by Mr Erdelyi (a teacher from Hungary).

  3. Cossens, Margaret – Watts – Completed my TPTC at Coburg Teachers College, returned to NHS to teach Forms 1 and 2 in 1961 & 62. Married and moved to the Western District (Edenhope and Casterton HS), then Bendigo, and finally moved around the Latrobe Valley for 20 years, where I completed my BA at Gippsland IAE. Following my husband’s death I returned to Numurkah where I finished my teaching career. Reirement has brought many blessings.

  4. Bellis, Gerald – Joined the Police Force in Victroria, served in melbourne, Benalla, Yarram, Brian Rogers there as teacher in lcoal High school) back to Melbourne, then to papua New Guinea in the Police Force there, Inspector. Resigned and went into Investigation business, Insurance fraud mainly and now living in Brisbane with wife and two children, 12 yrs and 14 yrs.

  5. Marshall, Sue pamela – Watson – Attended Hampton High 1956+, Tooorak Teachers College 59 & 60. Married, 4 children, 5 grandchildren. Still teaching 4 days per week. Fond memories of school: friends made, sports played (vigaro particularly), teachers care & guidance.

  6. Phillips, Kenton – – Dairy Farmer at Waaia, Water Bailiff Girgarre, Police Officer in the Northern Territory. Memories of walking to the current facility from the ild school which is now a primary school I believe. Swimming carnivals in the old Broken Creek pool.

  7. Hill, Malcolm – – A few years on the orchard. 6.5 years in the Nave. Then in IT, as a computer engineer, followed by various management positions nationally and internationally until retirement in 1999.

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